Your Family Can Walk Across America

healthy familyThis is a fun game that I encourage my clients to play!

Imagine how long it would take you to walk from your town to the farthest coastline…

Let’s Walk Across America

Put up a map on your refrigerator or wall and get your family out the door for some family walks! Keep track of your mileage with an app on your smart phone or with a pedometer. Plot your progress with a magic marker on the map.

Could you cross the continent, pioneer-style, in 80 days?

You can give yourself 15 miles credit for each mile walked with your family, since you don’t have the advantage of a covered wagon!

What if you simply record equivalent walking distances, individually or collectively?

Where will you be by Thanksgiving?

Team up for a little variation and competition. Let parents and children can take different routes: the Old Oregon Pony Express trail for mom and dad and Route 66 for the kids.

Game by Whitlatch, Shelley: FitPlay: Building healthy lifestyles for kids. (2nd ed.)

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