Workout of the Month – February

Do you LOVE your body? No??? Well, since February is the month of love – let’s start with some self-love, shall we? Complete this workout three days per week. There are four routines in this workout…I promise you’ll be loving the image in the mirror by the end of the month! (As long as you lay off the sweet treats and conversation hearts!)

Workout of the Month: February

You’re starting with body weight exercises. Why? Because you can do them anytime, anywhere and it doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at! You’re going to track your progress – not compare your progress to anyone else.
Tracking what you do and how you feel is going to be incredibly important. So be sure to write down HOW MANY push-ups, squats, and dips you’ve done as well as HOW LONG you held your plank for.
This week we’re timing your efforts. Push as hard as you can for one minute and write down how many repetitions you have done. Move to the next exercise and give it all you got for another minute – write down those repetitions too. Take a break if necessary then REPEAT the routine twice more for a quick 12 – 15 minute workout. The chart below shows a total of three days of exercise – you choose the days and times that work best for you – but be consistent. Carve that time out each week and you’ll begin to establish a healthy fitness habit!

Week One Exercises! Have fun!
Week One Exercises! Have fun!

For week TWO we’re going to continue with another whole body routine to move and strengthen the large muscle groups. You’re still going to time your efforts so that you can begin to establish your “max” sets. Always write down HOW MANY repetitions you have completed!
This will be another 12 – 15 minute workout. In a perfect world, you would be getting at least thirty minutes of exercise per day. So once you’ve completed this workout, go take a walk, a bike ride, or a romp around the back yard with the kids! You’ll be sweaty already, so it won’t matter if you get dirty. ;-) Have fun!
You’ll need hand weights (dumbbells – DB) for this routine. Start at your comfort level. Write down the amount of weight you use for each exercise. Workout on the same days, at the same time and you’ll get into a healthy groove…

Week Two Exercises...Feeling Good!
Week Two Exercises…Feeling Good!

In week THREE you’re still working your whole body. Remember to write down HOW MANY repetitions you do! You’ll begin to notice that you can do more and more repetitions each week. That’s good! You’re getting stronger! Next month you’ll be able to do even more repetitions, or you can increase the weight you use to build sleek, toned muscles. Enough talk – time for a workout!

Week Three Exercises...Woohoo!
Week Three Exercises…Woohoo!

For your week FOUR routine, we are going to repeat the exercises from the last three weeks. If you were able to overcome the urge to skip a day last week, then you’re more than ready for this week. Let’s revisit our previous routines to see how you’re doing, shall we?

Week Four Exercises...Finish Strong! Love Yourself!
Week Four Exercises…Finish Strong! Love Yourself!

If you completed this month’s workout and were consistent in your efforts, you’re probably noticing some extra energy during the day, better sleep, less stress, and better overall health. You probably noticed, too, that you were able to do more repetitions in the same amount of time!

Good for you!

Now go look in the mirror and hug yourself for being so awesome – then go celebrate with your spouse and kids with a game of hopscotch, tag, or whatever!

By the way, if you want to get your family healthier, this routine is safe enough for EVERYONE to complete – from little Tommy to Grandma Patsy. Get everyone moving!

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