Visualization Tips for a More Peaceful Morning

I was never a morning person – until I joined the military and realized I would get severely punished if I didn’t show up 15 minutes before (15 minutes before) 5:00 am.

I’m still not a morning person. But something shifted for me recently and I wanted to talk to you about it because I think it might shift something for you too.

So, I recently bought this amazing journal/agenda/life purpose book. It’s called the Daily Greatness Journal and I was so excited to get it the other day I was bouncing up and down as my husband teased me with it behind his back!

One of the (many) insights I have derived from this journal is that visualization is a powerful component of success.

I just shared that I’m not a morning person. I set alarms to prepare myself for the final alarm – and then I hit snooze on that final alarm until I can’t hit snooze any more! (I see you smiling – you know what I’m talking about.) I have been wanting to get up and practice my meditation before I have to wake my children up for school, but I could never motivate myself to do it…

But just the other night, I practiced visualization before I went to bed. I didn’t elaborate details with my visualization, I didn’t plan my whole day ahead of time, nor did I allow myself to go down the rabbit hole of worrying or stressing over what could happen. I simply visualized myself waking up, sitting up in bed, throwing my feet over the edge of the bed, stretching, and then sliding myself off the bed to stand on the floor. Then I saw myself drink a cup of water and my final vision was of me, sitting in my office chair, peacefully meditating. That was it.

You know what?

I got up a full 30 minutes before I normally would that following morning to meditate. I did exactly as I had visualized and then, because I followed this very meaningful meditation I interacted with my children sweetly and with calm compassion – rather than sleepily with panicked, time-crunched frustration.

Even remembering that morning as I write this brings me a sense of peace and happiness because it was so easy. I have continued to wake up at 6:00 each morning to meditate and prepare my mind to live each day in the best possible way.

The simple act of visualizing my actions has changed my life…how do you think it might change yours?

Do you think you can wake up to smell the roses??? I would be honored to have you join me in my daily meditation…perhaps we could do a Google Hangout? Let me know what you think! Leave a comment below if you would like to meditate each morning with me!

As always, I hope my words bless you and bring you hope.



If you are interested in exploring mindfulness, I would like to recommend that you check out my teacher, John (Chophel) Bruna over at the Mindful Life Program. I have been taking the 4-Week Online Mindfulness Course and it has been, in a word, powerful. I think they have another class starting soon.


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