Two Words That Will Rock Your New Year: Part 3 of 3

I’m so glad you’ve made it to this final post! Wow! What a ride, huh?

I would LOVE to hear how the previous articles have worked out for you…and if you haven’t read them, you may want to start from the beginning and work your way to this point.

To be honest, now that I remember back on my pastor’s Review Preview Day, we worked through it in three parts. So I guess it is appropriate that this article is now in it’s third part! Anyway, let’s dig in, shall we?

The next task is all about setting goals that:

  • help you accomplish your mission,
  • are in alignment with your values,
  • address each area of your life.

Regardless what life philosophy you follow – I am a Christian – many people believe that we are made of body, mind, and spirit. If you are going to grow and prosper, you cannot work on one area and ignore the other two. Likewise, we all live in relationship. None of us lives all alone, in a vacuum, separated from the rest of society. So you must also consider the different relationships you have and set goals in those areas. But if you set even just one goal for all the different relationships and areas of your life, well, it would just be too overwhelming.

  • So, we need to categorize our top priorities and set goals in those areas.
    • My pastor had his own categories which included: Spiritual, Personal, Family, Professional and Friendships.
    • My categories include: Spirit, Relationships, Body, Mind and Professional.

The categories he and I chose are only slightly different, but his suit him and his life purpose and mine suit me. Your life categories should suit you! You may choose only three. You may have six. Honestly, I would say that six categories might be the max you would have. Here’s why…in the next step we will:

  • Set 1 – 3 goals for each category.

Again, make sure that your goals help you achieve your mission statement and that they fit nicely within your values. If you set goals that might challenge your values or compromise your mission, then you will sabotage your success. Be mindful. Take a day or two or a week to really consider what meaningful goals you can set for yourself this year.

I’ll be sharing a workbook for you so you can complete this Review Preview Day on your own. If you would like to be the first to receive it, then leave your email address below and I’ll send it to you as soon as it is ready!

Now – go out and do great things!

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