The Coaching Process


This first step is more like a leap of faith for most of my clients. Most people are uncomfortable discussing their finances because it has been such a taboo topic for so long. Even most married couples never discuss money with each other. But we start here for a few reasons. The first is so we can design a plan of action for your life that fits within your budget. We’ll create a spending plan and make sure that you’re able to cover current costs and save for the future. We’ll also discuss ways for you to reduce debt, minimize taxes, increase your cash flow, build wealth, and protect your family’s legacy.
You and your spouse will take the Kolbe Financial MO+ assessment to figure out your money instincts so you can make smarter decisions about money and finances.


Making better dietary choices helps to improve nearly all aspects of your physiology – even your emotional health! In this step, I will help you get your family on board with healthier food choices. We will discuss seasonal menu planning, food safety and understanding how to look beyond marketing schemes and buy food that is healthy for your family. We’ll stock your refrigerator and your pantry with healthy foods and organize your kitchen so that it is user friendly! I’ll also set you up as part of our Healthy Living Rules online community so you can receive and offer support from families around the country!


The next step we will take together is to assess the physical fitness and health levels for each member of your family who is participating in the program. I will come alongside your family and be your physical fitness trainer once or twice/week for 30-60 minutes. We can design playground routines, home gym routines, body weight routines, sport-specific routines…whatever fits within your schedule and suits your needs, we’ll design a program to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Don’t be afraid of this step. It isn’t as formal as it sounds. In this step, we move beyond your physical health and into the mental, emotional and relational health of your family. During this time together, we will discover the top five strengths of each member of your family and how each person can best utilize their strengths individually AND as a family unit. We will also look at your communication styles, more specifically, each individual’s Love Language. This is just the beginning of relational growth and self-improvement, but it gives us a jumping off point from which to move forward.


You can read magazine articles, you can watch fitness videos, you can peruse the self-help aisle. But you are looking for a coach. Someone to come alongside you and motivate and inspire you when you just aren’t feeling it. Someone that can see the challenges you face and help you find new strategies for tackling them. Or, someone who can encourage you to keep fighting the good fight when you are already making the right choices.

This is my passion. This is where I hope we can arrive together. And I look forward to watching you and your family blossom into all God created you to be.

Coaching will cover all facets of Life Change: finance, relationships, health, etc.

Wherever there is the greatest opportunity for success, we’ll do it. Wherever there is the greatest room for improvement, we’ll tackle it. And we will do it all together.


Step six consists of the weekly, or bi-weekly, 30 or 60-minute fitness coaching sessions for you and your loved ones. We will continue to train together until you feel confident in your ability to maintain the strategies that are working for you.

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