The Best Articles I’ve Read This Week

This is my roundup of this week’s best articles on health, wellness and family. Enjoy! Oh, and if you click over and read, please be sure to tell these writer’s I sent you!

  1. I love learning. When I read this first article, I learned something new – and shocking! Britain is in talks about their food labels, specifically, whether they should add “exercise calories” to foods. Kaila over at Healthy Helper wrote a great article sharing her two cents about this topic. You may think it’s a good idea, I even thought it might not be that bad…but Kaila makes some really great points about why this might be the worst idea for food labels yet! Read what the Healthy Helper has to say in her article, Why Exercise Calories Should NOT Be Added to Food Labels.
  2. As a personal trainer, I have heard many excuses why people don’t exercise. “It’s too hard” is one of the most common excuses. But that’s only because people believe that you have to hit the gym with all out effort, rep out a million of each exercise with the biggest dumbbell on the rack, and sweat like a frappuccino in July just to get results. The truth is – you don’t. Anne has written a brilliant article teaching you how to use modifications to master the push-up. Her article, How To Do Push Ups (If You Can Do About 0 Push Ups) lays out the perfect progression to get you from feeling wimpy to feeling like She-Ra. Embrace your inner Princess of Power and start at a level that is challenging, but do-able. Your beach body will thank you!!! You don't have to sweat like a frappuccino in July to get a good workout in! #truthbomb #exercise… Click To Tweet
  3. What helps reduce psoriasis symptoms, control hypertension, improve blood cholesterol levels, prevent cataracts, and get your skin glowing? AVOCADOS! I had no idea how powerful avocados were – until I read Jill’s blog post boasting of the benefits of this ugly, but oh-so-buttery-delicious fruit! With all these awesome benefits, I bet you want some recipes so you can start eating avocados every day! Click over to Jill’s article, Everything You Need to Know About Avocados, for recipes. As a bonus, she’s given fun facts and tips for how to ripen, cut, and store your avocados!
  4. This next article hit home for me because I have a new born baby and three older boys. Having this new little one is kind of like a “do over” for me…it seems like a chance to do things better. But, did I mess up the other three kids? Are they too broken to fix? This article, What If You’ve Made Mistakes As A Parent, showed up right on time. Check it out…I think you’ll find peace in the black and white truth of what Dr. Markham has to say.*
  5. This next article is pretty timely, since having my son, I’ve been craving sweets. (Like, get out of my way and gimme that doughnut before I slap you, cravings!) But if I want to get back to my ideal weight (which is currently about 20 pounds away) I need to avoid them like the plague…So this little blog post about Overcoming Unhealthy Temptations and Cravings is right up my alley. Her last little trick for overcoming temptations is pretty slick – I think it might work for me too!
  6. This article is super sweet – both in the sincerity of the writer, Cayanne, and the message it promotes. Right now I’m battling soft abdominal muscles and loose skin from my pregnancy, so Self Love Strategies Against the Belly Bloat Blues has really helped me get over it and embrace my body. This is my journey and I’m down for the ride! I especially like her strategy number three, but all of them are powerful!

There you have it! I really enjoyed reading each of these articles and honestly, if you read all of them, it will only take about 20 minutes of your time…so sit back, relax, and enjoy the wealth of knowledge each of these articles has to offer.

*by Dr. Laura Markham, founder of and author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How To Stop Yelling and Start Connecting and Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings: How to Stop the Fighting and Raise Friends for Life


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  1. GREAT round up of articles! Love the one about calories listed on food labels. What a mistake if that actually happens. It will ONLY confuse people EVEN MORE! and they wouldn’t be accurate AT ALL!

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