Success in 3 Easy Habits

Have you ever met a really successful person? Like, someone with a few million dollars in the bank, who has lots of multi-million dollar investments, owns the dream house, the luxury car and maybe even a private jet and fancy art collection? I have. Actually, I have a dear friend like that who never ceases to amaze me!

He’s always busy.

He’s always with people.

He’s always traveling.

He’s been living this way for several years…at least a couple of decades. But he learned a valuable lesson after having a heart attack in his 30s. I’d like to share that lesson with you.

My very successful and happy friend has three primary habits:

He Has a Habit of Making Money

My friend made his first million while he was a senior in high school. He’s been hustling ever since. But he didn’t stick with the industry that gave him that first big pay day, the same industry that stressed him to the point of cardiac arrest! He makes money doing things he enjoys. After his heart attack, he decided that he would never work again. So he finds projects that appeal to him, things that seem challenging and pique his entrepreneurial interests. He digs his heels in and he uses his talents and strengths to make them successful. He made a habit of entrepreneurship and has done very well for himself.

He Has a Healthy Lifestyle Habit

I wonder if you can imagine owning a very successful business at the age of eighteen? My friend lived in New York at the time and was a budding entrepreneur. He owned a fancy European sports car. He dined at the nicest restaurants. He stayed out late and enjoyed the NYC nightlife. He worked to make money and he worked very hard. Life was decadent, fast-paced, and stressful and stayed that way for many years – until he ended up in the hospital.

Now, he’s got a healthy lifestyle. He eats well. He exercises. He still works long hours, but he is always among friends so he’s not stressed out. He laughs often. He still drives a fast car…I think he mentioned that he just got himself a custom-built Panoz race car…but his daily commuter is a Tesla. Anyway, he changed his life around to include healthy living habits so that he could truly enjoy the fruits of his labor.

He Makes a Habit of Creativity

My friend is not an artist. He is not a musician. He is not a romantic Shakespearean writer. He’s a businessman. His creative outlet is in creating business plans for start-ups or refreshing old business plans to help struggling businesses flourish. He enjoys the thrill of negotiating and has developed some amazing partnerships that have blessed many people. He creates in the realm of business, but he makes it a habit to be creative every day.

These three habits; making money, living well, and being creative, are on the top of his to-do list every day.

So I’d like to challenge you to think about these three habits as they pertain to you and your life.

What can you do, every day, to make money?

Don’t just think about going to work and earning a paycheck…think about creating an income stream from something you love doing! Talk to your friends about network marketing. Consider having a side hustle that you can work from home for as many or as few hours as you wish…don’t limit yourself to what is practical – have some fun with it!

What can you do to be healthy and strong every day?

As a personal trainer and health coach, I can assure you that healthy living isn’t as hard as you think it is and you have so much to gain from making it a priority and a habit. If you need a little help, just give me a shout and we can come up with a good, practical plan for you to implement!

What can you do, on a regular basis, to express your creativity?

As I alluded to above, you don’t have to be creative in the artistic sense. My friend creates flawless business plans. My husband re-creates and gives second life to old furniture. My best friend is an amazing watercolor artist. You might be a talented writer, engineer, seamstress, or baker. Think about your hobbies, or what you might like to have as a hobby and allow yourself time to enjoy it!

Okay! Time for the rubber to meet the road. Ponder these three questions and if you have some insights or questions, please share them on my Facebook page!

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