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I decided to mix up my shopping a bit this year. I’ve done some online shopping and some mall shopping with the kiddos in tow. I wanted to share the lessons I learned with you…

  • Avoid office supply stores for your school supply list. Go straight to Wal-Mart. I saved over $150 compared to shopping online at (Sorry Office Depot, I love you, but not for B2S.)
  • Shop Amazon for the best deals on backpacks. Going to a sporting goods store, like we did two years ago, will get you a good backpack, but if you’re trying to save a few bucks, you can get good quality kids bags like this one:


  • Don’t spend more than $10 for a tee. Seriously. You can get so many deals! We shopped Crazy 8 and got tee shirts for $3.99. Old Navy had tee shirts between $5 and $15, and The Children’s Place had a clearance rack for $3 per shirt and regular prices were between $5 and $10. My kids don’t like Polo shirts or button downs, so you might spend a bit more on those…but I still wouldn’t spend over $15 for something like that. Oh…and Old Navy has the same deals online as they do in store. We went and tried on a bunch of clothes to check for sizing. Then, I bought half the kids clothes in-store and half while I was sitting, all nice and cozy-like, on my couch.
  • Keep your jeans budget to under $20 per pair. My kids are super skinny so we have to always get the adjustable waist pants, which seem to be a little more expensive. Our favorites are at The Children’s Place. I’ll be sad when they outgrow that store, but until then, I only paid $20 for jeans and $15 for khaki cargoes. Not bad!

That’s all I’ve got for now. We’ll be shoe shopping in the next week. If I find any deals, I’ll let you know.

Oh, and one other thing I’ve learned, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Ross are great stores for adults, but the kids clothes are often not that great. We’ve purchased a few things for the boys from these stores only to find that they have holes in the seams, are ill-fitted, or are otherwise defective, such as buttons falling off, pockets sown shut, etc.

Until next time!


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