Review of: The Daily Greatness Journal

Just a little over three weeks ago I found this amazing little journal. I’m not sure where I actually discovered it; maybe Twitter.

Anyway, when I found this journal I was immediately attracted to its bright, happy coloring: orange with shiny silver lettering. It has a heart on the front too, but if you wanted to get this for the modern man in your life, I think he could handle it. (Maybe put a sticker over it…)

When I viewed the insides of the journal I was again, very impressed. It is well organized, visually pleasing and focused on daily habits, rather than a daily to-do list, which is a lesson I have learned recently:

It is not about the quantity of our tasks, but the quality and impact of our tasks that propels… Click To Tweet

I was in love with the journal. I had to have it!

So I clicked the add to cart button and proceeded to checkout. To my dismay, the cart was calculated in British pounds. I hate math!!!! so I used the Google currency converter. The cost was reasonable…perhaps a little more than what I would typically spend on a journal, but considering the content of the journal I figured I could justify it. So I continued on to calculate the taxes and shipping. That was when I hit the wall. The cost to ship the thing was more than I was willing to pay. I felt defeated.

But then, a few days later I received an email from Daily Greatness with a 10% off coupon inviting me back to finish my purchase. I clicked back to my cart with the awaiting journal. I browsed through the photos of the journal again, reviewed the cart and decided that the cost of the journal would pale in comparison to the worth I would get from it over the course of the year. So I checked out.

The confirmation email I received from Daily Greatness said to expect the journal to ship within 3 days from the time of purchase and that shipping would take anywhere from 7-10 days. I was willing to be patient. But, thankfully, I didn’t have to be patient!

To my great surprise the journal showed up on my door step only 5 short days after the order went through! Bravo, Daily Greatness!

The Promise of a Blank Journal
I live for the blank page. ~ Lisa Unger How to be more intentional with today's blank page. Click To Tweet

I was very pleased when I opened the journal and realized that it was even more impressive than the website let on. There are about ten pages of insightful instructions for how to get the most of this journal. There are a few exercises to complete before you even dig into the journal and actually start planning your days.

This is deep stuff too!

I took about seven days to absorb the information and thoughtfully complete the exercises. But I think it would have taken longer had I not already been working on similar concepts earlier in the month.

If you have been reading my blog for a little while, you’ll be familiar with the Two Words series that I wrote. If you found value in that series, then you’ll surely find value in this journal.

Also, although the instructions are good, I feel like a little bit deeper explanation could have been given. And honestly, I was a little lost on one of the bigger exercises.


I have just completed my first 90 Day Planner. I filled out the dates in the agenda and carefully considered my intentions for the week as well as my inspired actions – the top three items I must complete to cultivate genuine happiness, achieve daily fulfillment, and live a meaningful, value-driven lifestyle.

I am SO in love with this journal.

I love that it is holistic. The author, Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke, includes 8 Daily Habits to practice that will improve your productivity, emotional well-being and overall health.

This journal is beautiful.

This journal is functional.

There is plenty of room for you to

  • dream,
  • plan,
  • give thanks,
  • keep track of your actions and
  • reflect on your performance.

I LOVE IT! (Have I said that already?)

Here are a few of my own photos of my new Daily Greatness Journal:





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