Review: High Trails Backpack from Amazon

I recently shared a few lessons I learned while school shopping for my kids this year. One of the lessons was to shop Amazon for great deals on backpacks. Well, I was fairly certain that the backpacks I had bought were good quality, but it’s hard to tell until they arrive. When our High Trails packs came in, I was very pleased. Here’s why:

  • The colors are bold, vibrant, and consistent. There aren’t any washed-out, faded, or bleached spots anywhere. Plus, the colors were true to those shown on Amazon.
  • The zippers are high quality. Even though you get a good deal on a backpack at WalMart or Target, chances are the zippers are cheap. These are good and strong. The main compartment and front pocket have double zippers which is extra convenient and I’ve found that they seem to last longer than the single zip style. They are plastic, but I’ve already been tugging on them and messing with them to see how they might hold up in the hands of a little boy. So far, so good.
  • Lots of pockets. There is a small pocket in the front of the bag, another larger pocket just behind it which has an open nylon pocket inside it for pencils or calculators. It looks like it might even hold a hand-held device quite nicely. There are two mesh water bottle pockets on either side of the bag which is great for hot summer days and making sure the kids are hydrated. Then there’s the large compartment for books and such. It is roomy and just the right size for riding on a child’s back.
  • Back padding. This is where most bags fall short. Check out any of the bags at your local sporting goods store or department store and you’ll notice there is not padding between the child’s back and the books, just a thin layer of nylon. Well, this pack has a good 1/4 of an inch of padding to help make it more comfortable.
  • Sturdy straps. The straps on this pack are solid. They are securely sewn to the outside of the pack. They are padded and they are just the right length so that the bag can ride snuggly around the shoulders and sit right on top of the hips. They are also adjustable so when your child grows they can still use this bag next year.

Overall, I’m very pleased with these bags. You can check them out on Amazon if you’re still shopping around. Ours arrived within 7 days of ordering.



Hope this review helps! Want to know about more products from a #boymom point of view? Watch out for my Tuesday Reviews Day reviews! Want me to review your product? Just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

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