Periscope: Resolutions Stink! Just Make One Simple Change

I did my first Periscope broadcast today! #bamwhat

You can view the replay on Periscope right now: look for @yourfamilycoach!

It started yesterday when I decided to watch @growthucator discuss how he is making a course for his students by using Periscope. Then, last night I was tossing and turning as I was creating my first ‘scope in my head. So I jumped out of bed, wrote down my notes and inspiration and was finally able to sleep – well, as much as a 32 weeks pregnant woman can!

Here’s the topic, you probably know it well since I’ve been posting about it recently:


Resolutions are superficial.

Resolutions are problem-focused.

Resolutions are a waste of time! (80% of people who sign up at a gym in January, quit going by February!)

“Instead of working on our problems, we need to work on our strengths!”

Here are my notes from the Periscope…

Periscope Notes

The point here is that we are all unique. We all have strengths and weaknesses. What I want us to focus on are our strengths!

When we work on our strengths, we build confidence. When we work on our weaknesses, we build frustration.

When we work on our strengths, we get to do what we love. When we work on our weaknesses, we have to do what we dislike.

  • Don’t be a minivan trying to be a sports car! Be a minivan who embraces your strengths – “I bring people together!”
  • Don’t be a truck trying to be a sports car! Embrace the fact that you are dependable and that you bless others with your strength!
  • Remember, the sports car has weaknesses too. The difference is that the sports car chooses to improve upon it’s strengths, rather than trying to fix it’s weaknesses.

Before the next Periscope broadcast, read this quick article that I wrote about resolutions.

Next time, we’ll talk about making One Simple Change and finding our motivation for staying committed.

We’ll talk specifically about health, since that is often one of the most popular resolutions people make. And we’ll discuss One Simple Change that my family and I have made to improve our health, our energy, and our wellness.

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