Part 3: Family Lifestyle: Mind, Body Spirit

Part 3: Spirit

When people feel emotions, they identify those feelings with the heart. According to the article, The Heart as Catalyst to Understand Man; the heart is the seat of thought, reflection, emotions, moral consciousness, and volition (desire or decision). My family lifestyle lessons are focused on the heart of the family. Parents, or caregivers, are ultimately responsible for the shaping of their children and following generations. When the spirit or heart of the family becomes the central focus, behavior tends to follow the pattern presented. Money never becomes an issue if individuals are taught how to appropriately prioritize it. Nutrition is an inherited behavior: families that eat well perpetuate those habits. Fitness is likewise, a fit family works together and plays together, with plenty of energy to spare for individual endeavors. Community involvement grows from a feeling of accomplishment and a desire to share. When a family performs well together, is well adjusted, at peace, and confident as a unit, they may move from a place of confidence into the larger social arena and begin to influence the hearts of others.

The conscience (heart) is developed by right doing (The Heart as Catalyst to Understand Man). I try to continually guide the family unit, celebrating individual and team accomplishments, and establishing a pattern of right behavior; mind, body, and spirit.

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