One Word Resolution for 2016


My One Word for 2016 is NOW.

Not “now,” or even, “Now,” but “NOW.”


It isn’t because I’m a procrastinator. I’m not. I’m also not the type who desires instant gratification. I did not choose this word because I’m in any real rush for anything, either.

Why Not?

I chose the word NOW because I want to live in the moment. 

I want to be more mindful and aware of things that are happening around me.

I want to be fully present in the presence of my loved ones.

I want this moment, right NOW, to be the very best moment I can make it.

I want to give 100% of all that I am, NOW.

I want to choose joy, NOW.

I want to choose love, NOW.

I want to be well, NOW.

Declaring NOW as my Resolution.

I lost my mother this year. It kills me to write that. The wound is still very fresh. She fought a four year long battle with cancer and went home to Jesus on October 4th. I can’t go into details right now…I’ve already had a pretty awesome sob session today. Here’s what I can tell you without soaking and shorting out my laptop…

I saw an “In Loving Memory” sticker on the back of someone’s car and it pissed me off…(long story that I’ll share later.)

In that moment I declared to myself: I am going to Create Loving Memories with my family and friends.

What this means to me is that I will no longer float through existence and take my loved ones for granted. I will not allow negative thoughts or emotions or circumstances to steal the love, joy, and blessing from each moment.

Here is what I know for sure:

There is no better time than NOW to tell someone you love them, to hug them, to listen to them, to smile at them, to play a game with them, to hold their hand, to snap a photo with them, to create a loving memory with them.

 NOW, if you will excuse me…I’m about to go and play Uno with my family!

Happy New Year!

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