One Simple Change for Healthier Mommies & Babies

One of the things I’ve noticed lately is the number of glowing, pregnant mamas walking around. It must be in the water!

I remember with my first pregnancy I had gestational diabetes. I had to prick my fingers and test my sugar three times a day and eat small, well-balanced meals every 2-4 hours. It was a pain, but my little guy came out healthy and strong!
With my second pregnancy, I was carrying twins! I didn’t get gestational diabetes with that pregnancy, but I was still resigned to eat small meals every few hours because I just didn’t have much room to eat more! My twins were born 10 weeks prematurely, but they are doing very, very well.

Since my pregnancies my family and I have taken our nutrition to another level. We were introduced to Juice Plus a few years ago and have been enjoying the benefits ever since.

Pregnant Again!

Now that I’m pregnant again, I’ve noticed some additional benefits of Juice Plus:

  • I’m not as constipated as I was with my first two pregnancies. Might seem like TMI to those of you who have never been pregnant, but for those who have and who know the painful discomfort of being “backed up” for 10 months, this is going to be life-changing information!
  • I have more energy. I can remember my first trimester with my first pregnancy. I slept all the time! I was in the military and on a field exercise as a support corpsman. I was on call but got to do whatever I wanted when I wasn’t providing aid for injured Marines. So, I slept. All. Day. Long. Now, I enjoy a short afternoon nap and feel pretty darn good the rest of the day!
  • My skin is healthier. My first two pregnancies were good for my acne-prone skin. I had a much clearer complexion. But, even though my face was clear, my back broke out and got oily and I got dry patches on my knees and elbows. My skin hasn’t suffered at all with this pregnancy. My husband even commented how nice it looks!
  • My nails are strong and long! With my first two pregnancies, I had weak, soft, flexible finger nails. It was annoying. I was under the impression they were supposed to get stronger with pregnancy. Well, this time they are very strong and growing fast! I don’t really like long nails so I cut them often, but now they are strong and I am not worried about them ripping and pulling off, like they would before.

2015-2016 Healthy Mommies & Babies

So, now I’m on a mission…I want to help mommies and babies be healthier! I’m not the only one on this mission either. A few doctors are helping their patients have healthy pregnancies too. Here’s some of their testimonials:

Dr. Odom

Dr. Doug Odom is a practicing OB/GYN and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Mississippi Medical School. Dr. Odom is excited about people taking responsibility for their health, particularly mothers during pregnancy. Dr. Odom states, “I recommended Juice Plus+ simply because I believed that better nutrition would lead to healthier mothers and newborns. Now I recommend Juice Plus+ because I know it’s true.”

Dr. Corcoran

Dr. John Corcoran is a member of the Juice Plus+® Children’s Health Study Advisory Committee and an advocate for whole-food nutrition. He emphasizes the need to eat fruits and vegetables as part of a maternity diet to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Corcoran remarks, “I was extremely impressed with Juice Plus+ and incorporated it into my personal life and medical practice with outstanding results. Today, I continue to educate as many people as I can about the preventative and healing benefits of whole-food nutrition and a healthy lifestyle supported by Juice Plus+.”

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