Just One Word for Your Best Year Ever

I admitted in my last post that I get bored pretty easily. Like, if I’m not completely dedicated and challenged by a resolution, I’ll give up quickly.

But there was this one time when I resolved to start running…*insert squiggly lines and flashback sequence here*

I was 18. I was living in Michigan at the time. I had my own little house in a town called Saginaw. On New Year’s Day I made a resolution that I was going to start running for fitness. So I waited for the snow plows to go by and I jumped in my little white car and drove to JCPenney to get a pair of running shoes.

My first run of 1999 was through a few feet of snow, in a snow suit, down to the end of the block and back.

It was so cold outside that the boogers in my nose were instantly frozen. My lungs burned from breathing in the frigid air. My fingers went numb even as I was closing the house door behind me. My toes were numb before I made it down the steps.

And craziness of all craziness – I was sweating like it was a tropical heatwave by the time I made it back into the house.

I actually stuck with that resolution for a good, eh, 14 years.

Looking back, I recognize how crazy I must have looked. I’m thankful that I have forgotten about the pain of frozen boogers, burning lungs, and frozen phalanges.

This year, though, I’m not focused on running. Nope. That would be too easy!

This year I’m focused on One Word.

On January 1st, I opened my Bible App and flipped through the devotionals that were available. The one that caught my eye (honestly, I liked it because it was only 4 days long) was the One Word devotional. I shared the link in my last post.

Today, I want to share my One Word.


Yup. God has called me into service this year.

I can tell you that I am nervous. I can also tell you that I would welcome frozen boogers again because I anticipate that 2015 is going to be a very challenging year.

I’m thankful for my One Word…don’t get me wrong. And I know God has big things for me. I’m just being completely transparent here…I kind of liked the last few years of working on myself, studying hard, learning new things, researching and planning and developing things I was going to do….

This year, though, the rubber meets the road!

One more post to come in this series…but before I close this one, how may I pray for you? I would love to help you find a focus for this year. Email me or leave a comment below and let me know how I may…be of service to you.




I apologize for writing the word “booger” so often in this post. But I have to admit…it’s kinda funny! And I really actually enjoyed writing it! How silly!


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