How to Create Your Best Year Yet

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, mostly because I suck at keeping them.

And if I’m going to be honest, the reason I suck at keeping resolutions is because I either:

  • make pie-in-the-sky plans that are totally out of reach,
  • decide to follow the crowd and do what others are doing, or
  • commit to too much.

Have you ever been there? Ever said, “this is the year I’m going to ________!” Every time I made my resolution, I was passionate about it! I said it like I meant it! I charged ahead with vigor and determination! But my January 3rd I got bored.

Yes – I’m that kind of person…

But I’ve learned quite a bit through all this schooling I’ve been doing. I’ve also learned a lot from the people I’ve been hanging out with and, well, I’ve learned a lot from just living life. So I’d like to share a new way for you to make this year the very best year ever!

One Word.

This year, I’m choosing One Word to focus on. One Word to strive after. One Word that will change my life!

I’d like you to choose One Word with me!

Actually – I’d like you to let God choose One Word for you.

Woah! Is God in the business of New Year’s Resolutions now? Of course He is! He always has been – because He wants what is best for you…

But before we jump in much further – please check out

I’ll share my One Word with you in my next post!



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