Helping Kids Establish Healthy Habits


It’s back to school time and in this article we’re going to figure out some ways to help kids successfully establish some simple and meaningful routines to make their days more manageable.

What’s so great about routines?

Imagine if you skipped your morning shower, forgot to brew your coffee and walked out the door without your wallet? Yikes! That would be a pretty horrible day, right? Why? Because your morning routine got all messed up and now you smell funky, look like a zombie, and have to walk three blocks to work because your work ID/parking pass is in your wallet…

Your morning routine keeps you organized and sets the pace for the rest of your day.

Establishing meaningful routines.

To get your kids invested in creating healthy habits, give them choices. Let them choose whether they should pick out one or two outfits at night or whether they will pack their lunch in the morning or the night before. Give them the option to play right after school or to do their homework before playtime.

Giving kids a choice in how their day progresses empowers them! Giving them choices also shows them that their decisions have consequences and allows them to work through those consequences to make better decisions later on.

Let’s say that your child writes the following after school routine:

  • 3:30-4:30 Play time.
  • 4:30-5:30 Homework.
  • 5:30-6:00 Dinner.
  • 6:00-6:15 Pack lunch.
  • 6:15-6:30 Set out clothes.
  • 6:30-7:00 Do chores.
  • 7:00-7:15 Shower and hygiene.
  • 8:00 Bed time.

She might find that this schedule is a bit hectic. So, be flexible enough to allow her to move some things around. However, rather than letting your child change the schedule every other day, give her a 10-day trial period for every routine. After she has performed the routine for ten full days, she’ll be better equipped to make a good decision for changing it up. Also, she might learn that, all she needs to do is persevere and things get easier.

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