Exercise How-To: Walking Lunge

Walking Lunges: It’s important to keep the core tight and upright during the walking lunge exercise. The knee of the leg you lead with should always point in the same direction as the foot during and throughout the lunges. The thigh of the forward leg should be parallel to the ground during the lunge. Lower the body by flexing the hip and knee of the front leg until the back leg’s knee is just about in contact with the ground and the leg’s heel is pointed towards the ceiling. Push your trailing leg off the floor and step the foot up to meet the forward leg’s foot. Repeat the lunge by moving forward the leg that was previously trailing. This is one rep. Keep alternating legs in a walking motion to get an even workout.

I love Pop Sugar! And this photo is credited to them…

They apparently love walking lunges as much as I do and suggest that runners, downhill skiers and cross country athletes could benefit…I agree! Now…go do some walking lunges!

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