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Well, since you’ve been eating well, you’re probably feeling much more energetic than usual. Good food is good fuel for exercise. So this is a sampling of the workout routine from my new ebook, Your Family’s Legacy Plan. If you want the full workout, click here to get the book!

Weekly Workout:

Sunday: Rest.

Monday: Take a few laps around the neighborhood with the kids. Invite your neighbors to join you! Race the kids between mailboxes for added intensity.

Tuesday: Star Jumps x20, Walking Lunges x20, Calf Hops x20, Chair Squats x10, Chair Dips x10, Chair Push Ups x10, Crunches x20, Flutter Kicks x20, Stretch

Wednesday: Walk x15 minutes, Step Ups x40, Side Shuffles x10, Skipping x20, Pull Ups x10, Bench Push Ups x10, Bench Dips x10, Bench Squats x10, Stretch

Thursday…click here to get the book and the rest of the workout!

family fitness

I really like this workout because, as you’ll see in the workbook, everyone can join in. It isn’t just a Mom-thing, it isn’t only for Dad to do. The whole family is supposed to do these exercises together. None of the exercises require equipment – except the equipment at your local playground.

Plus, you can start at your current fitness level.

Feeling out of shape? Start with one set at a comfortable pace. Build up each week by adding either a few more repetitions or another set.

Are you already a rock star athlete? Do some challenging variations of each exercise: add dumbbells to the walking lunges – or put a kid or two on your shoulders. Let a kid hang around your waist as you do your pull-ups. Do your push-ups with your feet on the bench and a kid on your back. See – no need to exercise alone. It’s always more fun with more people and I bet you’ll even find yourselves competing a bit…


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