Empower Your Family to Thrive in Health, Wealth, and Relationships

with Coaching That Inspires Discussion, Discovery, and Dedication to a Healthier Family Lifestyle

familyof4fieldFamily Lifestyle Coaching is a solutions-focused, strength-based, holistic approach to improving the overall well-being of families. It is practical, personal, and counter-cultural.

Is Family Lifestyle Coaching Right for Your Family?

Is your family desperate to get out of debt? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Find yourself running out of money before the end of the month?

Does your family struggle with being overweight and out of shape? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you feeling “disconnected” as a family? The dinner table is uncomfortably silent as everyone stares at their phone or tablet. Does rushing from one activity to another leave little to no room for quality family time?

A Considerate Word of Caution: To fully experience all the benefits of Family Lifestyle Coaching requires a solid commitment to your family’s success. You are about to embark on a lifelong journey to finally attain all the hopes and dreams you’ve been wanting for yourself and your family. This service is not for everyone. It’s a premium service designed for those whose commitment to themselves and their family outweighs any other consideration. The amount of effort, dedication, and focus required is considerable. But if you feel that your family deserves nothing but the best, then this will be an easy decision for you. Many people aspire to accomplish great things for themselves and those they love. But few have the willingness to take the first step.

How Does Inside Out Family Lifestyle Coaching Work?

There are two ways I can partner with you and your family. Either individual family coaching or as part of a group. I offer online multi-media courses as well as live workshops if you prefer a group experience. If you would like to work with me privately, that’s an option too! Here’s what you can expect out of this process…

We start with an initial consultation to assess your current circumstances and start planning the most effective strategies to reach your goals. You will receive an online form to fill out. Then, I will take the next few days to review your information and create a summary document that will show the highlights of the plan I am proposing for you and your family. Then, move on to the six steps.







Wherever there is the greatest opportunity for success, we’ll do it. Wherever there is the greatest room for improvement, we’ll tackle it. And we will do it all together.

Click here to read more about each step…

dadsonfishingHow Long Will This Take?

In my experience, twelve weeks is a good amount of time to make a life change. If you are serious about the change, if you’ve been guided through the start-up, then after twelve weeks you should have incorporated those life changes into your day-to-day words, thoughts and actions.

They will have become healthy HABITS.

familysurflessonsHow Much Will This Cost?

Financial investment levels vary on your desired outcome. The initial consultation ranges from $70-$95 per person depending on the size of your family.

The program is based on a subscription model and the cost is on a sliding scale from $200 per month to several thousand, depending upon the intensity of our coaching contract and your family’s specific needs.

Our goal when we meet will be to complete the consultation stage, define your family’s goals, map out a plan of action and then discuss a budget for our time together.

Changing Your Family for the Better… From the Inside Out

You and I will work together along with the other members of your family. We will identify each member’s strengths and work to overcome weaknesses. We’ll piece together a framework that honors each person, values their unique contributions to the family, and supports them so they can thrive!

With me as your guide, you’ll have a powerful 5-Step Plan to strengthening your greatest asset: Your Family!

  1. Discovery
  2. Connection
  3. Goal Setting
  4. Application
  5. Reflection and Encouragement

This 5-Step Plan is your key to improving your family’s communication, goals, team work, lifestyle habits, quality of life, and individual strengths.

Some Insights You Will Gain:
Top 5 Strengths for You and Family Members
Unique Personalities
Individual Career Potential
Spending Plans
Organization Tips
Healthy Daily Habits
Individual and Family Vision Statements
Communication Styles / Love Languages
Conflict Resolution Strategies
Parenting Tips
Intimacy Ice-Breakers
How to Make Soul Connections

The Journey to a Loving and Happy Family Begins with a Single Step…

You can experience a family that loves one another, respects one another, and grows stronger with each passing day. No longer will you have to dream about the perfect family. You can live it every single day with Inside Out Family Lifestyle Coaching.

Click here to Meet Your Family Lifestyle Coach

When you sign up for Inside Out Family Lifestyle Coaching, you’ll get two options for us to work together: Individually, we’ll work together in the privacy of your own home. For group coaching, you get access to my online media courses and can even attend a live workshop.

Your experience with Inside Out Family Lifestyle Coaching will be truly holistic. You’ll get to come together as a family and address five aspects of family life…

Community (Stewardship of time and talents)

You’ll have access to a Biblically-based, culturally sensitive, and practical program. A program based on 15 years of experience coaching other families just like yours.

You will come to a better understanding of yourself and your family members. And each member of your family will discover their strengths, talents, and abilities. Using them to their fullest potential. Leading to a more satisfying, wholesome family life.

cuteurbancoupleWhen you sign up today you’ll receive:

An Initial Consultation

We’ll define your family’s goals
Create a powerful action plan you can start right away
Figure out a budget for our time together that works for you

From here you’ll move on to the next Six Steps, where things really get exciting:

Financial Fitness Appraisal

You’ll get a time-tested Bible-based spending plan.
Strategies to reduce your debt and minimize taxes and costs.
Sure-fire ways to increase your cash flow.
Fool-proof methods for building your wealth.
A bulletproof plan to protect your family’s financial future.

Kitchen Makeover

You’ll enjoy tasty seasonal menu plans.
A thorough understanding of food safety.
The knowledge to recognize which foods are truly healthy for you.
We’ll stock your refrigerator and pantry with wholesome, healthy food.
Exclusive access to the Healthy Living Online Community.

Fitness Assessments

You get an expert physical fitness assessment for each member of your family.
30 to 60-minute personal training sessions up to two times a week.
Expertly designed playground routines, home gym routines, body weight routines, and sport-specific routines.
A weekly fitness plan that works around your schedule and meets your needs.

Psychological Assessments

You’ll discover the top 5 strengths of each family member with the Gallup Strength Finder.
Explore communication styles and discover each member’s Love Language.
Actionable strategies for relationship growth and self-improvement.


You get laser-focused coaching that covers all facets of Life Change: finance, relationships, and health.
Unique, “thinking outside-of-the-box” strategies for handling all of life’s challenges.
Personal mentoring that promotes encouragement and action.

Fitness Sessions

Super-charge your fitness with weekly, bi-weekly, 30 or 60-minute fitness sessions that burn fat, increase strength, and improve flexibility.
Enjoy a continuous program built to get you to reach your goals quickly and easily.
Learn the skills and strategies to make fitness an essential element in your life for years to come.


Don’t take the Chance on Missing Out on Your Family’s DREAMS for the Future.


It’s important that You Act TODAY.

If you have even the slightest feeling that this program is for you, then know that God has truly led you here. Trust in Him and allow His grace to lead you in the plan he’s set out for you and your family.

Click here now. Your family will thank you for it.

All the Best,
Christina Estrada

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